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Yoyo (Assistant)

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Overview[edit | edit source]

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Timid Sprite | Helping Hands
Specialty: Necklaces  Cost: 290 Merets

Yoyo may be shy, but he's also a whiz with magic and crafting. Unlike others of his ilk, he wants to give humans the benefit of the doubt. Nonetheless, it took him some time to work up the guts to accept a job as a servant.

: May 21
: Gemini

: 3' 9"
: 64 lb
Special Ability
: Magic
: Bubble baths
: Thunder, lightning
: Handicrafts

Owner Title
: Master

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Required Closeness Rank Item Quantity Ingredients Lead Time Closeness Gained
1 Rough Opal Necklace 1 Opal x4
30 minute(s) 9
2 Modest Opal Necklace 1 Opal x5
45 minute(s) 16
2 Red Crystal 1 Blue Crystal x5
Crystal Fragment x5
45 minute(s) 16
3 Flowing Water Scroll 1 Suspicious Paper Bag x1
1 minute(s) 0
3 Polished Opal Necklace 1 Opal x7
Onyx Crystal x57
60 minute(s) 30
4 Green Crystal 1 Red Crystal x5
Crystal Fragment x5
75 minute(s) 54
4 Remarkable Opal Necklace 1 Opal x8
Onyx Crystal x75
75 minute(s) 54
5 Rough Sapphire Necklace 1 Sapphire x5
Onyx Crystal x95
90 minute(s) 98
6 Blue Crystal 1 Green Crystal x5
Crystal Fragment x5
105 minute(s) 178
6 Modest Sapphire Necklace 1 Sapphire x5
Onyx Crystal x119
105 minute(s) 178
7 Polished Sapphire Necklace 1 Sapphire x8
Onyx Crystal x119
120 minute(s) 323
7 Rough Diamond Necklace 1 Diamond x2
Onyx Crystal x145
120 minute(s) 323
8 Common Diamond Necklace 1 Diamond x3
Onyx Crystal x174
135 minute(s) 586
9 Lightweight Ability Pendant 1 Diamond x3
Onyx Crystal x206
150 minute(s) 1063
9 Modest Diamond Necklace 1 Diamond x4
Onyx Crystal x241
150 minute(s) 1063
10 Savagery Necklace 1 Diamond x4
Onyx Crystal x279
165 minute(s) 1928

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Description Quote
Selecting Item Do you want that?
Requesting Craft Got it! I'll try making it without using magic!
Cancelling Craft Seriously...?
Receiving Item All done!
Receiving Jackpot Huh? This looks really good.
Not Enough Materials I need materials... You can buy gems from craft material merchants in major towns. You can get Onyx Crystal from dismantling Lv. 20 and above equipment items. Some materials can only be obtained from hunting monsters.
Expiration I can't! My contract's expired! I promised not to work without a contract!