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Victoria Island
Island Victoria Island
Region Kerning City
Area Level 18
Has Taxi? Yes
Has Item Extractor? Yes
Has Healing Spot? Yes
Has Real Estate? No
Dungeons None

Description[edit source]

Mini Map[edit source]

Woodward Mini Map.png

Connected Locations[edit source]

Main Areas

Sub Areas

Exploration[edit source]

Exploration Goals[edit source]

  • Enjoy the scenery of Woodward through binoculars (0/1)
  • Eavesdrop on the Blackstar Hideout in Woodward (0/1)
    • The location of the Blackstar Hideout is the black-roofed building just northwest of the binoculars.
  • Attack with a telephone pole (0/10)

Golden Chests[edit source]

  • There are 4 Golden Chests within Woodward.

GC Woodward.png

Golden Chest Locations
Chest Number Screenshot Map Notes
1 WoodwardGoldenChest1.jpg WoodwardGoldenChest1Map.jpg
2 WoodwardGoldenChest2.jpg WoodwardGoldenChest2Map.jpg
3 WoodwardGoldenChest3.jpg WoodwardGoldenChest3Map.jpg
4 WoodwardGoldenChest4.jpg WoodwardGoldenChest4Map.jpg

Normal Chests[edit source]

NPCs[edit source]

Icon Name Level
Icon Name Level
NPC 11000211 Icon.png Zeta (NPC) 30
NPC 11000213 Icon.png Anonymous Bum (NPC) 20
NPC 11000226 Icon.png Back Alley Hooligan (NPC) 10
NPC 11000259 Icon.png Dark Wind Agent (NPC) 30
File:NPC 11000343 Icon.png Dark Wind Wanted Board (NPC) 20
NPC 11000524 Icon.png Nick (NPC) 30
NPC 11000534 Icon.png Modrix (NPC) 20
NPC 11000867 Icon.png Prussell (NPC) 30
File:NPC 11003212 Icon.png Dio (NPC) 18
File:NPC 11003213 Icon.png Dian (NPC) 18
NPC 11003214 Icon.png Dia (NPC) 18
File:NPC 11004077 Icon.png Blackstar Hideout (NPC) 10

Enemies[edit source]

Icon Name Level Type Race HP
Monster 21000015 Icon.png Fire Boar 17 Common animal 1756
Monster 21000024 Icon.png Keros 19 Common animal 1761
Monster 21000161 Icon.png Plunger Duck 18 Common combine 1544

Thrown Items[edit source]

Thrown items are interactable environment objects which can be picked up and used to attack with. These items are often used in Daily Missions, Exploration Goals and Trophies.
Thrown Item Count
Telephone Pole 13
Trash Can 6

Life Skills[edit source]

Fishing[edit source]

  • This location does not have fishing.

Mining[edit source]

  • This location has no mining veins.

Foraging[edit source]

  • This location has no foraging herbs.

Pet Taming[edit source]

  • This area has no pet spawns.

Quests[edit source]

Trophies[edit source]

Name Rank Achievement Reward
A Suspicious Suitcase (Trophy) 1 Find 100 suspicious suitcase of gold bars in Woodward "Investigator" Title
A Suspicious Suitcase (Trophy) 2 Find 1,000 suspicious suitcase of gold bars in Woodward -
Light up the City (Trophy) 1 Light the streetlight in Woodward 10 time(s) -
Light up the City (Trophy) 2 Light the streetlight in Woodward 50 time(s) -
Light up the City (Trophy) 3 Light the streetlight in Woodward 100 time(s) "Streetlighter" Title
The Golden Chests of Woodward (Trophy) 1 Open all the 4 golden treasure chests scattered throughout Woodward -

Gallery[edit source]