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West Watchtower

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Victoria Island
West Watchtower
West Watchtower
Island Victoria Island
Region Henesys
Area Level 31
Has Taxi? No
Has Item Extractor? No
Has Healing Spot? Yes
Has Real Estate? No
Dungeons Watchtower Rampart

Description[edit source]

Mini Map[edit source]

West Watchtower Mini Map.png

Connected Locations[edit source]

Main Areas

Sub Areas

Exploration[edit source]

Exploration Goals[edit source]

  • Enjoy the scenery of West Watchtower through binoculars (0/1)
  • Attack monsters with hen coops (0/10)
  • Open the hidden golden treasure chest behind the ladder near the watchtower (0/1)

Golden Chests[edit source]

  • There are 3 Golden Chests within West Watchtower.

GC WestWatchtower.png

Golden Chest Locations
Chest Number Screenshot Map Notes
1 WestWatchtowerGoldenChest3.jpg WestWatchtowerGoldenChest3Map.jpg The way to this chest is by floating up through a column of space in front of this chest from the

water below

2 WestWatchtowerGoldenChest1.jpg WestWatchtowerGoldenChest1Map.jpg
3 WestWatchtowerGoldenChest2.jpg WestWatchtowerGoldenChest2Map.jpg The tunnel entrance is behind the breakable block a few blocks to the east of this chest

Normal Chests[edit source]

NPCs[edit source]

Icon Name Level
Icon Name Level
NPC 11000958 Icon.png Ruman (NPC) 30
NPC 11000959 Icon.png Darren (NPC) 20
NPC 11000992 Icon.png Krin (NPC) 20
File:NPC 11000993 Icon.png Soaring Seagull (NPC) 20
NPC 11001178 Icon.png Charky (NPC) 30

Enemies[edit source]

Icon Name Level Type Race HP
Monster 21000265 Icon.png Oniopin 32 Common combine 6684
Monster 21000306 Icon.png Rosy Demiporker 32 Common devil 6684
Monster 21000353 Icon.png Green Snail 31 Common bug 6161

Thrown Items[edit source]

Thrown items are interactable environment objects which can be picked up and used to attack with. These items are often used in Daily Missions, Exploration Goals and Trophies.
Thrown Item Count
Bathroom 2
Chicken Coop 4
Ruined Rainbow Tree 3

Life Skills[edit source]

Fishing[edit source]

Icon Name Biome Mastery Rank
Minnow.png Minnow Freshwater Intermediate IV Normal
Striped Mantis Shrimp.png Striped Mantis Shrimp Freshwater Intermediate IV Rare
Zebra Bream.png Zebra Bream Freshwater Intermediate IV Exceptional

Mining[edit source]

  • This location has no mining veins.

Foraging[edit source]

  • This location has no foraging herbs.

Pet Taming[edit source]

  • This area has no pet spawns.

Quests[edit source]

Lv. 31 The Lone Soldier: The Lone Patrolman

Patrolman Darren is guarding the West Watchtower alone. Pushed to his absolute limit, he can't hold the tower mush longer without some help. Hold off the Oniopins and Rosy Demiporkers while he fortifies his position.


  • Defeat Oniopins (0/10)
  • Defeat Rosy Demiporkers (0/10)
  • Speak with Darren


  • 4,150 Mesos 93,446 Experience 

Trophies[edit source]

Name Rank Achievement Reward
The Golden Chests of West Watchtower (Trophy) 1 Open all the 3 golden treasure chests scattered throughout West Watchtower -

Gallery[edit source]