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Twisted Pocket Realm

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Twisted Pocket Realms are counterparts to Pocket Realms and can only be accessed in certain PvP maps. Like Pocket Realms, entering one takes the player to one of many maps chosen at random, each with an instance of a time-limited mission. Unlike Pocket Realms, these do not spawn randomly; rather, they have a chance (about 15%) to spawn when an Elite Monster is defeated. Elite Monsters have a chance to spawn along with normal monsters, so if there aren't any on a map, normal monsters need to be defeated in order to allow the Elite Monsters a chance to spawn.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Some of the missions, when cleared, spawn four of either Turka's Cache and Turka's Rare Cache. The drops from these chests are available only for the player who opened them.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission Time Limit Maps Description Cache Rewards
Defeat the Misshapen Mimics 0:40 Three Misshapen Mimics will be spawned on the map. Drops Meso-icon.png Mesos and sometimes Item 20000021 Icon.png Mini-Elixirs when hit, drops Treva-icon.png 10-50 Treva when defeated. None
Defeat the Rainbow Slime 0:40 Four Rainbow Slimes (45 HP) will be spawned on the map. Drops Meso-icon.png Mesos and sometimes Item 20000021 Icon.png Mini-Elixirs when hit (they only take 1 damage per hit). When defeated, they spawn 4 smaller, faster Rainbow Slimes (30 HP), each of which also spawn 4 even smaller and even faster Rainbow Slimes (15 HP). When defeated, large ones drop Treva-icon.png 50 Treva, mid-sized ones drop Treva-icon.png 25 Treva, and small ones drop Treva-icon.png 12 Treva. None
Destroy the watchtower. 2:00 A Spatial Watchtower will be spawned on the map. Upon approaching the watchtower, it will start spawning 3 Elite Monsters every 25 seconds, but they will disappear once it's destroyed (the normal monsters won't disappear). Turka's Cache x4 (~85%)
Turka's Rare Cache x4 (~15%)
Defeat the forces of darkness 2:00 3 Elite Monsters will be spawned on the map. Defeat them to clear the mission. Turka's Cache x4 (~85%)
Turka's Rare Cache x4 (~15%)
It's an ambush! 2:30 The 4 Turka's Caches will appear to be already spawned on the map, but approaching them will trigger 3 waves of monsters. Clearing one wave will start the next, and clearing the third wave clears the mission. The first wave spawns 10 normal monsters, the second wave spawns 5 Elite Monsters, and the third wave spawns 1 Elite Monster. Turka's Cache x4 (~85%)
Turka's Rare Cache x4 (~15%)
Defeat the dark boss 3:30 Depending on the map, a Field Boss will be spawned. Bleakshadow Waste Center and Grim Thoroughfare will spawn Beelzeboo, while Infernal Hourglass and Phantasm Falls will spawn Mammon. Defeat it to clear the mission. Turka's Rare Cache x4

Tips[1][edit | edit source]

Golden Chests[edit | edit source]

Each map does reward trophies for opening all Golden Chests on each map, but unlike Golden Chests in normal maps, these only contain Mesos, and they are always spawned when players enter the map instances.

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