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Treva is a Maple Story 2 currency that is obtained through Twisted Pocket Realms, which are portals that have a chance to spawn when killing Elites in the level 50+ PvP maps. Elites are indicated on the minimap as a small red dot.

Vendors[edit | edit source]

Treva can be spent at 3 different merchants, located in Queenstown, as well as in each zone's respective safe house.

These vendors offer an assortment of mounts, gear, outfits and consumables related items listed below:

Shadow Supply Shop[edit | edit source]

Items Cost
Invisibility Potion Treva-icon.jpg30
Stun Grenade Treva-icon.jpg30

Shadow Gear Shop[edit | edit source]

Gear Cost
Dark Headgear (class specific)
Mage's Dark Headgear
Ranger's Dark Headgear
Rogue's Dark Headgear
Warrior's Dark Headgear
Treva-icon.png 1,000 Treva
Dark Top (class specific)
Rogue's Dark Top
Warrior's Dark Top
Treva-icon.png 1,500 Treva
Dark Bottoms (class specific)
Rogue's Dark Bottoms
Warrior's Dark Bottoms
Treva-icon.png 1,500 Treva
Dark Suit (class specific)
Mage's Dark Suit
Ranger's Dark Suit
Treva-icon.png 3,000 Treva
Dark Gloves (class specific)
Mage's Dark Gloves
Ranger's Dark Gloves
Rogue's Dark Gloves
Warrior's Dark Gloves
Treva-icon.png 1,000 Treva
Dark Shoes (class specific)
Mage's Dark Shoes
Ranger's Dark Shoes
Rogue's Dark Shoes
Warrior's Dark Shoes
Treva-icon.png 1,000 Treva
Blood Cult Hood Treva-icon.png 15,000 Treva
Blood Cult Coat Treva-icon.png 15,000 Treva

Shadow Mount Shop*[edit | edit source]

Mount Cost
Tamed Frillum Treva-icon.jpg7,500
Tamed Dark Girant Treva-icon.jpg15,000
Tamed Keros Treva-icon.jpg7,500
Tamed Horned Purple Reaver Treva-icon.jpg15,000

Note* The mounts must be unlocked through trophies that require either obtaining a sum of Treva, or spending a specific amount of Treva, thus increasing the overall amount needed to purchase the mounts.

Where to find Treva?[edit | edit source]

The maps that contain elites that may be killed for Treva are:

Melta Dam[edit | edit source]

Cozalita Graveyard[edit | edit source]

Obsidian mount[edit | edit source]

Gloomy Forest[edit | edit source]

Sealed Forest[edit | edit source]