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Thrown Weapons

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A list of Thrown Weapons that can be found in game. Mainly used by the Assassin.

Level 1-10[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Throwing Dagger 10 Normal
Throwing Knife 10 Normal

Level 11-20[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Tuesday Star 14 Exceptional
Western Wind Throwing Star 14 Exceptional
Wednesday Star 16 Exceptional
Southern Wind Throwing Star 16 Exceptional
Broad Throwing Dagger 18 Exceptional
Broad Throwing Knife 18 Exceptional

Level 21-30[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Flint Throwing Knife 22 Exceptional
Saturday Star 22 Exceptional
Special Throwing Knife 26 Exceptional
Whirlwind Throwing Star 26 Exceptional
Special Monday Star 28 Exceptional
Thorny Throwing Knife 28 Exceptional
Heavy Throwing Star 30 Exceptional
Special Tuesday Star 30 Exceptional
Firebird Throwing Star 30 Exceptional
Symmetrical Throwing Star 30 Exceptional

Level 31-40[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Special Broad Throwing Knife 34 Exceptional
Meister's Throwing Knife 34 Exceptional
Grand Throwing Star 35 Exceptional
Special Thursday Star 36 Exceptional
Lightweight Throwing Knife 36 Exceptional
Beastly Throwing Star 37 Exceptional
Special Flint Throwing Knife 38 Exceptional
Lightweight Monday Star 38 Exceptional
Horus Throwing Star 40 Exceptional
Wild Throwing Star 40 Exceptional
Yellow Round Throwing Star 40 Exceptional

Level 41-49[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Special Golden Throwing Knife 44 Exceptional
Light Broad Throwing Knife 44 Exceptional
Special Lightweight Tuesday Star 46 Exceptional
Lightweight Thursday Star 46 Exceptional

Level 50[edit | edit source]

Name Rating
Lethal Extreme Throwing Star Legendary
Frigid Rage Throwing Star Legendary
Lethal Panic Throwing Star Legendary
Ivory Round Throwing Star Exceptional
Piercing Throwing Knife Exceptional
Blue Star (Weapon) Exceptional
Cross Star Exceptional
Gold-Tipped Throwing Star Exceptional
Black-Tipped Throwing Star Exceptional
Murpagoth Warrior Thrown Weapon Epic
Murpagoth Warrior Thrown Weapon Epic
Cruelty Throwing Star Epic
Willy One-card's Deck Epic
Ancient Rune Thrown Weapon Epic
Ancient Rune Thrown Weapon Epic
MSL Onyx Thrown Weapon Epic
MSL Onyx Thrown Weapon Epic

General List[edit | edit source]

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