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The Faithful Disciple

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The Faithful Disciple
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with Moren
Start Interior Runic Waystation
Ends with Ishura
End Interior Troy Inn Room 215
Ends at Tria
Class Runeblade
Quest Chain The Defector

Walkthrough & Notes[edit | edit source]

Moren told you that Ishura has departed for a place called Tria on Victoria Island, and asked be patient while he prepares to teleport you there. Tria... Ishura said that someone important was there... Who could he be talking about? Utilize the power of rune magic to teleport there, and find Ishura.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 480 Experience 

Quest Text[edit | edit source]

Bestowal Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Moren: What are you doing here?
>I need you to send me after Ishura.
Moren: Huh? You want to go all the way to Tria? Hmm... It's extremely far, which means the journey will consume a great deal of rune power... Well... If you MUST go, I'll check whether there's enough power left in the rune battery to send you. Wait here.
Moren: It looks like everything is ready! I can send you to Tria at any time.
Moren: You said you wanted me to send you where Ishura went, right? Well, that would be an inn on Victoria Island, in the city of Tria. Would you like to go there now?

Quest Completion[edit | edit source]

Ishura: What brought you all this way?
>Landevian sent me.
Ishura: Landevian...? That man is full of surprises.
Ishura: Well, I must admit I'm glad to have you back by my side. The path ahead is not one easily taveled alone.
Ishura: Though the Empress promised me her aid, it seems she has a lot on her own plate. Many strange things are afoot.
Ishura: A mysterious explosion at the Door of Light, reports of bizarre behavior by monsters around the globe...
Ishura: The possibility that Holstatt's betrayal is in some way tied to these occurrences is not beyond reason. Therefore, the best course of action is to investigate both simultaneously.
Ishura: Thankfully, there are two of us. Will you assist me by investigating these occurrences while I work alongside our brethren in Terrun Calibre to hunt down Holstatt?
>You can count on me.
Ishura: I Admire your strength, to carry on in the face of everything you've been through in recent days.
Ishura: In any case, I'd like you to travel to Lith Hardbor and help escort the supply caravan for the Empress's court.
Ishura: In truth, there's no reason to suspect Holstatt has any nefarious plans for the goods being transported. We know what he's after, and I would never expect to find it here.
Ishura: That said, safely escorting the caravan to Tria honors the fledgling alliance between the empire and Terrun Calibre. It's also a good opportunity to demonstrate the might of the Runeblades.
Ishura: Your first mission is no small task. As your teacher, I hope it will serve as an opportunity for you to grow.
Ishura: Until we meet again.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Moren at the Runic Waystation and teleport to Ishura
  • Speak with Ishura