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Right, so Hi! I'm Sinera and I'm still relatively new to editing wikis but I'm giving it a shot anyway. I found my way onto the maple wiki not too long ago and decided I'd try helping out some. So here I am and I wanted to voice a few concerns about the Crafts Life Skills pages.

The first being I didn't see any other Crafts page filled out or a pre-existing template. I gave it my best shot going off of what's already on the Gathering life skill pages. I made sure to include the "S" in groups of items after the brackets to avoid issues with creating pages and I put both the materials and money needed to create an item in the same column. I hope it's not too bad of a job and I'm going to try and leave the other life skill pages alone until I get some feedback on what's already here before I mess anything else up.

Up next is how some of the rank rewards for smithing seem like they're relevant to the class you play as. I might be wrong on this but I don't think every class uses scepters and scrolls as their weapons. Not entirely sure of what to do with the rewards table for such a case.

Besides that, that's about it concern-wise for me. I'm looking forward to contributing some more in the future!