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Surnuny (NPC)

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  • There are multiple versions of this NPC in various locations.

NPC 11000004 Icon.png

Lv. 20 | Friendly

: Gear Shop
: Male
: Clock Tower Passage, Ludible Time Hall, Secret Lab, Surnuny's Dream, Turtcoli Beach, Verdant Heights, Trinket Woods, Ellin Grove, Breezy Hills, Ludibrium Crevasse, Sand Dunes, Paruvan Plateau, Forgotten Keep, Ludibrium Crater, Henesys Docks, Sylvan Woods Trail, Besherel Magic Library, Precipice Fortress, Ellua Riverside, Ellbo's Hollow, Rainbow Mountain, Hotottot River, Fairy Tree Lake, Ellosylva, Boulderwhite Mountains, Bonebridge Worksite, Molten Hourglass, Misty Temple, Stonehill Dig Site, Pigming Clan Altar, Lava Eye Nest, Corona Lake, Spectrumwood, Prism Falls, West Wind Hill, Stone Quarry, Logger's Hill, Razed Forest, Cheliska Bay, Tortuga Seaside Cliffs, Abandoned Charnel House, Kerning Interchange, Kerning Junkyard, Frostheart, Lavaworks, Andrea Barony, Trinian Crossing, Torhara Spring, Forest of Lost Memories, West Watchtower, Revoldic Dam, Picchu Picchu Gardens, Lava Springs, Baum Tree, Barrota Shore, Beachway 111, Godspring, Greenia Falls, Royal Road Plaza, South Royal Road, Hushwood Vale, Crooked Canyon, North Royal Road, Great Ellin Tree, Ellin Ruins, Overtop Beanstalk, Rose Castle, Goldus Pharmaceuticals, Mounthill, Fellowstone Construction, Majore Lake Park, Woodward, Barrota Port, Golden Tower 8F, Clock Tower Square, Neuron DNA Research Center, Shadow Gate, Flora Avenue, Suffering Wasteland, Enigma Arcade, Magma Research Station, MSL Electronics Institute, Whistler Cliffs, Wolfclaw Canyon, Kolopua Crag, Moonglow Forest, Ant Tunnel Entrance, Ant Tunnel Plaza, Forest of Life, Caustic Garden, Mirror Castle, Tidepool Cliffs, Barbosa Beach, Slumberland, Sweet Tooth Valley, Sweetskirts, MSL Robot Dev Center, Cave of Eternity, Darkmist Path, Twilight Moon Castle, Ellua Forest Path, Wailing Mine, Magma Trail, Ludition Carnival, Crystalfrost Wall, Windsong Ravine, Magma Gorge, Serene Docks, Macaroon Acres, Lavaluna Cave, Steamerbrook, Frostember Void, Ant Tunnel Passage, Frozencrest, Raptor Dive Pass, Highcliff Temple, Harrot Hill, Skyreach Pass, Lava Crest, Chronoff Train Station, Frostpeak Mountain, Kerning Techno Valley, Snowscarf Haven, Berrysweet Castle, Ludi Fantasia, Karnif's Fang, MSL Factory, Umbral Passage, Frostbunny Park, Muros Media Park, Phantoma Cyborg Center, Cellimental Test Bunker, Red Wall, Fractured Canyon, Ludi Arcade, Water Supply Center, Kernel Energy Research, Igloo Hill, Fungeeburg Stump, Sandstar Ruins, Moonlight Desert, Tiares Desert, Nazkar Central Chamber, Rainbow Valley, Nazkar Altar, Nazkar Main Hall, Tuning Motors Showroom, Redsand Hills, Ludari Station, Ludari Mall, Paradise Circuit, The Deck Skatepark, Nazkar Pyramid, Rizab Island, East Auto Bridge, West Auto Bridge, Aquatopia, Ludari Arena, Lavender Island, Nazkar Passageways, Moonlight Garden, Coco Island

Quest Involvement