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A list of Shields that can be found in game. Mainly used by the Knight.

Level 1-10[edit | edit source]

No results

Level 11-20[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Wooden Shield 14 Exceptional
Old Wooden Shield 14 Exceptional
Round Crusader Shield 16 Exceptional
Knightly Shield 16 Exceptional
Knight's Shield 18 Exceptional
Wandering Hero's Shield 18 Exceptional

Level 21-30[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Kite Shield 22 Exceptional
Round Steel Shield 22 Exceptional
Special Round Shield 26 Exceptional
Crusader Shield 26 Exceptional
Special Wooden Kite Shield 28 Exceptional
Defense Shield 28 Exceptional
Heavy Shield 30 Exceptional
Target Shield 30 Exceptional
Special Old Wooden Shield 30 Exceptional
Blessed Guard 30 Exceptional

Level 31-40[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Special Knight's Shield 34 Exceptional
Parrying Shield 34 Exceptional
Grand Shield 35 Exceptional
Special Cross Shield 36 Exceptional
Lightweight Round Shield 36 Exceptional
Beastly Shield 37 Exceptional
Special Round Steel Shield 38 Exceptional
Lightweight Wooden Kite Shield 38 Exceptional
Horus Shield 40 Exceptional
Wild Shield 40 Exceptional
Black Molta Shield 40 Exceptional

Level 41-49[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Special Devout Round Shield 44 Exceptional
Lightweight Knight's Shield 44 Exceptional
Lightweight Cross Shield 46 Exceptional
Special Lightweight Kite Shield 46 Exceptional

Level 50[edit | edit source]

Name Rating
Barbaric Extreme Shield Legendary
Fiery Rage Shield Legendary
Barbaric Panic Shield Legendary
Endurance Shield Exceptional
Golden Molta Shield Exceptional
Brilliant Steel Shield Exceptional
Kettle Shield Exceptional
Border Shield Exceptional
Brilliant Brass Shield Exceptional
Forgotten Shield Epic
Frost Fang Shield Epic
Murpagoth Warrior Shield Epic
Murpagoth Warrior Shield Epic
Ancient Rune Shield Epic
Ancient Rune Shield Epic
MSL Onyx Shield Epic
MSL Onyx Shield Epic

General List[edit | edit source]

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