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Shadow Doc (Assistant)

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Overview[edit | edit source]

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Off-putting Surgeon | Land of Darkness
Shadow Doc
Specialty: Alchemy  Cost: 290 Merets

He treats injuries in the treacherous Land of Darkness, but he seems more interested in mesos than in helping the sick. No one knows what he used to do before he chose this profession. Looking into his soulless eyes, you sometimes wonder if he's human at all...

: January 25
: Aquarius

: 5' 7"
: 149 lb
: Pediatrics
: Potato chips
: Cucumbers
: Performing surgery

Owner Title
: Homeowner

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Required Closeness Rank Item Quantity Ingredients Lead Time Closeness Gained
1 Red Potion 5 Red Herb x11
Potion Solvent x1
30 minute(s) 9
2 Health Tonic 1 Red Herb x7
Peppermint Root x2
30 minute(s) 16
3 Baba Concentrate 1 Suspicious Paper Bag x1
1 minute(s) 0
3 Orange Potion 10 Orange Herb x10
Potion Solvent x2
30 minute(s) 30
4 Mage Tonic 1 Orange Herb x4
Black Pine Mushroom x2
30 minute(s) 54
4 Warrior Tonic 1 Orange Herb x4
Cornelian Cherry x2
30 minute(s) 54
5 White Potion 10 White Herb x9
Potion Solvent x3
30 minute(s) 98
6 Special Warrior Tonic 1 Special Red Herb x4
Cornelian Cherry x3
30 minute(s) 178
7 Special Mage Tonic 1 Special Red Herb x4
Black Pine Mushroom x3
30 minute(s) 323
8 Special Red Potion 10 Special Red Herb x7
Potion Solvent x3
30 minute(s) 586
9 Special Health Tonic 1 Special Orange Herb x3
Peppermint Root x3
30 minute(s) 1063
9 Special Orange Potion 10 Special Orange Herb x6
Potion Solvent x3
30 minute(s) 1063
10 Special White Potion 10 Special White Herb x6
Potion Solvent x4
30 minute(s) 1928

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Description Quote
Selecting Item Too easy. Tsk.
Requesting Craft It's going to take a while. Wait right there.
Cancelling Craft Fickle, aren't we? Tsk.
Receiving Item If you need more, you know where to find me.
Receiving Jackpot Sometimes, I even impress myself.
Not Enough Materials Materials, please? Tsk. Herbs can be purchased from Supply Merchants in major towns or by hunting monsters. Come to think of it, certain herbs can only be found on monsters.
Expiration You made a critical mistake, allowing my contract to expire. Now I no longer have reason to listen to you.