Raising Pumky

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Event Raising Pumky.png
Raising Pumky
October 18, 2018 - November 8, 2018

There's also an adorable little... bat-pumpkin pet? Well, Pumky is a growing little monster and the adorable creature needs your help to grow, with Pumpkin Coins and special cosmetics waiting for you!

Event Duration[edit | edit source]

End of Maintenance, Thursday, Oct. 18th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Nov. 8th

Event Details[edit | edit source]

  • Accept the Pumky quest to claim the Pumky Nest furnishing and begin the event! You can find it in the Available Quests menu (the exclamation mark over your portrait)
  • Place Pumky into your house and give it some Pumpkin Pie Feed to help it grow, plus you earn a Pumpkin Coin!
  • You gain Pumpkin Pie Feed as you play MapleStory 2:
    • 20 minutes logged in: 2x Pumpkin Pie Feed
    • 40 minutes logged in: 3x Pumpkin Pie Feed
    • 60 minutes logged in: 4x Pumpkin Pie Feed
  • You can also play with a friend's Pumky! You can play with another friend's Pumky once per day, and up to three other players Pumkys, to help it grow and earn bonus Pumpkin Pie Feed.
  • Players must be at least Level 10 to participate in the event
  • Growing Pumky will reward the following, based on Growth Level and via the "Get Gift" action:
    • Growth Level 300: Bouncing Pumky Mount
    • Growth Level 500: Little Pumky Pet
    • Growth Level 700: Perched Pumky Head Outfit
    • Speak to Pumky once you reach the Growth Level to receive the reward
  • Your Pumky Nest will remain available to use in your house even after the event is complete!

This event takes place alongside the Mystery of the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel and Pumpkin Coin Shop as well as the Fishing Maple Coins, Mapleopoly, and Fortune Cookie Fun events.