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Quiver Basket Cleanup

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Quiver Basket Cleanup
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with Haster
Start Interior Green Hoods Dorm
Starts at Henesys
Start Area Henesys
Ends with Haster
Ends at Green Hoods Dorm
End Area Henesys
Class Archer
Quest Chain A Real Role Model

Walkthrough & Notes[edit | edit source]

While Haster gets some "well deserved' sleep, move the quiver baskets into position for today's practice.

  • Follow the arrows to the ground floor and use 'F' to move the quiver baskets to the glowing orange areas on the floor.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 840 Mesos 100 Experience 

Quest Text[edit | edit source]

Bestowal dialogue[edit | edit source]

>I picked up the trash. It's 'your' turn to get the archery range set up.
Haster: Nah, don't feel like it.
>But Oska herself said we all had to do it!
Haster: Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you do it and tell her I did?
Haster: It's not like I don't want to help you or anything. I'm just feeling stiff. Need to stretch these joints before I get out of bed, you know?
>But the captain said...
Haster: Fine, fine. I'll do it. Guess I'll be too tired later to show you that archery trick we were talking about...
Haster: Oh well. I guess you didn't really want to learn it after all...
>N-no! You rest up. I'll get everything set up!
Haster: That's more like it. Wake me up when you're done, all right?
>But what if Oska sees you sleeping in?
Haster: Yeah, yeah, like I'm scared of my little sister. Don't sweat it.

Quest Completion[edit | edit source]

Haster: Zzz...

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the ground floor and move the quiver baskets (0/5)
  • Speak with Haster in the Green Hoods Dorm