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Premium Coin

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A coin earned through premium dungeons, used to spin the premium roulette in Queenstown.

Each time you complete a Premium Dungeon, you will receive 5 Premium Coins as a reward, regardless of score. You can use these 5 coins to spin the roulette at Queenstown once. You can find the roulette right next to the Red Star vendor and the Havi Fruit vendor.


The possible rewards are:

Item Quantity
Vintage Metal Damage Skin 1
Bashful Ghost (30 Day) 1
Auto-Fishing Voucher (1 Hour) 1
Beast King Outfit Package (M) 1
Beast King Outfit Package (F) 1
Revive Voucher 1
Instant Gathering Voucher 5
Free Rotors Walkie-talkie 1
World Chat Voucher 1
Crystal Fragment 100
Auto-Fishing Voucher (3 Hour) 1
Party Summon Scroll 1