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Obsidian Essence

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Used to get gem dust boxes at a rate of 10 Obsidian Essence per Stellar Glass placed into the Stellar Chest.

Currently the amount of Stellar Glass is limited so you only need to farm/buy 50 obsidian essence per week to get all of your weekly gem dust boxes.


Obsidian Essence
Icon star 1.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.png
Item bg normal.png
Item 30001187 Icon.png
Normal consumable
A whirlwind of energy. Place this in the Stellar Chest along with Stellar Glass, which can be purchased from Cheri Ring, to get special items.
Can be obtained by hunting monsters.
Sells for: 1 Meso(s)


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