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A list of Necklaces that can be found in game.

Level 1-10[edit | edit source]

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Level 11-20[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Ability Pendant 12 Exceptional
Spirit Pendant 17 Exceptional
Maneh's Necklace 19 Exceptional

Level 21-30[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Hero Emblem 27 Exceptional
Shiny Ruby Necklace 30 Exceptional
Sapphire Pendant 30 Exceptional

Level 31-40[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Topaz Pendant 35 Exceptional
Dark Shadow Necklace 37 Exceptional
Jade Pendant 40 Exceptional

Level 41-49[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Lightweight Ability Pendant 42 Exceptional
Lightweight Spirit Pendant 47 Exceptional

Level 50[edit | edit source]

Name Rating
Crisis Aversions Pendant Normal
Savagery Necklace Exceptional
Covetous Necklace Exceptional
Fading Covetous Necklace Exceptional
Kandura's Pendant Epic
Forgotten Heart Epic
Absolute Pendant Epic

General List[edit | edit source]

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