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Mirror Image: Dark Blade

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Assassin Skill
Mirror Image: Dark Blade
Mirror Image Dark Blade.png
Level Requirements 46
Skill Requirements Shadow Web [Level 2+]
Type Active
Additional Type(s) Dark, Close Range, Physical
Weapon Requirements None
Cooldown 40 seconds

Mirror Image: Dark Blade is a skill learned by Assassins.

Information by Level[edit | edit source]

Marks a 2.25 m radius spot on the ground with an insignia of darkness for 10 sec, dealing
236% (380%)
Dark Damage %
dark damage to 3 enemies within the mark by sending a mirror image to attack them. This skill also brands enemies, reducing their accuracy by 20 for 10 sec. All attacks dealt to branded enemies have a 30% chance to summon additional mirror images to attack them for 23% dark damage 4 times. Summoned mirror images can only appear once every 1.5 sec. The accuracy reduction does not stack.
Level Class Level Requirement Dark Damage %
1 46+ 236%
2 48+ 252%
3 50+ 268%
4 52+ 284%
5 54+ 300%
6 56+ 316%
7 58+ 332%
8 60+ 348%
9 62+ 364%
10 64+ 380%

Skill Preview[edit | edit source]

This skill does not have a skill preview image.