Mirror Castle

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Victoria Island
Mirror Castle
Mirror Castle
Island Victoria Island
Region Ellinia
Area Level 37
Has Taxi? No
Has Item Extractor? No
Has Healing Spot? No
Has Real Estate? No
Dungeons None

Description[edit source]

Mini Map[edit source]

Mirror Castle Mini Map.png

Connected Locations[edit source]

Exploration[edit source]

Exploration Goals[edit source]

Golden Chests[edit source]

  • There are 3 Golden Chests in Mirror Castle.

GC MirrorCastle.png

Golden Chest 2

Mirror Castle Chest #1

Scale the wall to the east of King Kenken to find this chest. This is the chest required to complete the area's Exploration Goals.

Normal Chests[edit source]

NPCs[edit source]

Icon Name Level
Icon Name Level
NPC 11000404 Icon.png Snowy (NPC) 20
NPC 11001016 Icon.png Kenken (NPC) 30

Enemies[edit source]

Icon Name Level Type Race HP
Monster 21000220 Icon.png Black Rook 37 Common creature 9377
Monster 21000222 Icon.png Black Pawn 37 Common creature 9377
Monster 21000266 Icon.png Cateroller Reaver 37 Common bug 9377
Monster 21000283 Icon.png Jade Jumper 37 Common animal 9377
Monster 23000024 Icon.png Furious Baphomet 40 Field Boss devil 14352800

Thrown Items[edit source]

Thrown items are interactable environment objects which can be picked up and used to attack with. These items are often used in Daily Missions, Exploration Goals and Trophies.
Thrown Item Count
Ruined Rainbow Tree 8

Life Skills[edit source]

Fishing[edit source]

Icon Name Biome Mastery Rank
Cherry Salmon.png Cherry Salmon Freshwater Advanced II Normal
Golden Mandarin Fish.png Golden Mandarin Fish Freshwater Advanced II Rare
Peacock-Eye Stingray.png Peacock-Eye Stingray Freshwater Advanced II Exceptional
Sturgeon.png Sturgeon Freshwater Advanced II Epic

Mining[edit source]

  • This location has no mining veins.

Foraging[edit source]

  • This location has no foraging herbs.

Pet Taming[edit source]

  • This area has no pet spawns.

Quests[edit source]

Trophies[edit source]

Name Rank Achievement Reward
The Golden Chests of Mirror Castle (Trophy) 1 Open all the 3 golden treasure chests scattered throughout Mirror Castle -

Gallery[edit source]