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Maplestory 2

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Nexon Korea is currently in development with the "prequel" to MapleStory; MapleStory 2 a 3D MMORPG featuring a whole cast of Characters, Jobs, Locations, Bosses and tons more to see and do. Since the end of the recent Closed Beta period, much more information has become publicized through fan sites and by Nexon Korea. Testing is set to continue in 2015 for Korean Maplestory Players, with a possible North American release sometime in late 2015 or 2016.

MapleStory 2 features a 3D cube style game with all sorts of sandbox features, such as Building or Dungeon Creation, setting up Traps and Triggers for your friends and enemies. In MapleStory 2, you are allowed to create your own House as well as sell it.

Lookout for the latest in News for MapleStory 2, of which we'll keep you up to date and informed in everything that changes with the development of the game.