Luxurious Style Key

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Luxurious Style Key
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Item 20301206 Icon.png
Epic consumable
A key sold by Codea, an individual profoundly knowledgeable about fashion. You can use it to open 1 $item:20301363$.
Double-click the item in your inventory window to use. Requires 1 $item:20301363$ to open. $itemPlural:20301363$ can be purchased from Codea.

Possible Contents:
- Funky Cowboy Outfit
- Buddy Badge Chest
- Emote
- Air Mount
- Buddy Ground Mount
- Ground Mount
- Various Lumistones
- Perion Outfit
- Stone Butterfly Weapon Box
- Damage Skin
- Chat Bubble
- Name Tag
- Fishing Badge
- Tombstone
- Swim Tube
- Outfit
- $item:40100027$
- Shiny Gem Dust, Super Chat Themes, and More!

Be sure to open as soon as possible, as the item list may change.

Some of the included items are character bound. Carefully consider which character you will open the package with.
Untradable, Unsellable


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