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Lulu's Key

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Lulu's Key
Icon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.png
Item bg epic.png
Item 20300524 Icon.png
Epic consumable
A magical key sold by Lulu of the Bunnies. You can use it to open 1 $item:20300525$.
Double-click the item in your inventory window to use. Requires 1 $item:20300525$ to open. $itemPlural:20300525$ can be purchased from supply merchants.

Possible Contents:
- $item:31000739$
- $item:33000160$
- $item:33000161$
- $item:20300862$
- $item:20300884$
- $item:20300885$
- $item:31000738$
- $item:20300837$

- Gem Dust
- Air Mount
- Instrument
- Damage Skin
- Tombstone
- Swim Tube
- Outfit
- $item:40100027$
- Gem Dust, Experience Tonics, and More!

Be sure to open as soon as possible, as the item list may change.
Untradable, Unsellable


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