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Service Closure on May 27th, 2020
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There are many Locations in the world of Maplestory 2. The following page details the locations:

Big Cities[edit | edit source]

These cities are the main hubs of the MapleStory 2 world.

Other Locations[edit | edit source]

The rest of the locations are sorted by which region the location belongs to, which is often the closest city to the location.

Victoria Island[edit | edit source]

Ellinia[edit | edit source]

Henesys[edit | edit source]

Kerning City[edit | edit source]

Lith Harbor[edit | edit source]

Perion[edit | edit source]

Taliskar[edit | edit source]

Tria[edit | edit source]

Ludibrium breach[edit | edit source]

Shadow World[edit | edit source]

Karkar Island[edit | edit source]

Ludari City[edit | edit source]

Minar[edit | edit source]

Kritias[edit | edit source]

Safehold[edit | edit source]