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Kerning Interchange

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Victoria Island
Kerning Interchange
Kerning Interchange
Island Victoria Island
Region Kerning City
Area Level 11
Has Taxi? Yes
Has Item Extractor? Yes
Has Healing Spot? Yes
Has Real Estate? Yes
Dungeons Golden Tower 4F
Golden Tower Elevator
Golden Tower 7F

Description[edit source]

Kerning Interchange is a level 11 map north of Tria. It is connected to Kerning Junkyard, Revoldic Dam, and Fairy Tree Lake.

Mini Map[edit source]

Kerning Interchange Mini Map.png

Connected Locations[edit source]

Main Areas

Sub Areas

Exploration[edit source]

Exploration Goals[edit source]

  • Defeat monsters at Kerning Interchange (0/20)
  • Defeat Guard Boss Chaw in Kerning Interchange (0/1)
  • Speak with Justic in Kerning Interchange (0/1)

Golden Chests[edit source]

  • There are 3 Golden Chests in Kerning Interchange.

GC KerningInterchange.png

Golden Chest 1


Golden Chest 2


Golden Chest 3


Normal Chests[edit source]

NPCs[edit source]

Icon Name Level
Icon Name Level
NPC 11000100 Icon.png Dede (NPC) 30
NPC 11000101 Icon.png Ray (NPC) 30
NPC 11000150 Icon.png Justin (NPC) 10
NPC 11000393 Icon.png Buffett (NPC) 30
NPC 11000394 Icon.png Emma (NPC) 10
NPC 11000442 Icon.png Cathy Mart Employee (NPC) 10
NPC 11003241 Icon.png Ralph (NPC) 23
NPC 11004082 Icon.png Frightened Shut-In (NPC) 10

Enemies[edit source]

Icon Name Level Type Race HP
Monster 21000023 Icon.png Cerbe 11 Common animal 504
Monster 21000102 Icon.png Masked Swordsman 11 Common combine 403
Monster 21000103 Icon.png Masked Psychic 11 Common combine 403
Monster 22300105 Icon.png Guard Boss Chaw 12 Elite combine 58566

Thrown Items[edit source]

Thrown items are interactable environment objects which can be picked up and used to attack with. These items are often used in Daily Missions, Exploration Goals and Trophies.
Thrown Item Count
Stoplight 4
Tire Stack 4

Life Skills[edit source]

Fishing[edit source]

  • This location does not have fishing.

Mining[edit source]

  • This location has no mining veins.

Foraging[edit source]

  • This location has no foraging herbs.

Pet Taming[edit source]

Icon Name Species
Item 61000019 Icon.png Cerbe (Combat Pet) Beast

Quests[edit source]

Lv. 12: Chaw's Dark Past: Rise Against

They say Guard Boss Chaw redefines the meaning of pain to everyone who has the misfortune to meet him. Justin has challenged you to face Guard Boss Chaw one-on-one to see how strong he really is. It sounds like he hangs around Kerning Interchange. He's definitely a challenge to face alone, so you should probably bring some allies with you.


  • (Elite) Defeat Guard Boss Chaw at Kerning Interchange (0/1)


1,300 Mesos 463 Experience 

Trophies[edit source]

Name Rank Achievement Reward
The Golden Chests of Kerning Interchange (Trophy) 1 Open all the 3 golden treasure chests scattered throughout Kerning Interchange -

Gallery[edit source]