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Jorge (Assistant)

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Overview[edit | edit source]

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Intellectual Elf | Helping Hands
Specialty: Alchemy  Cost: 290 Merets

A fairfolk librarian obsessed with learning. He may be a bit eccentric, but he was willing to share knowledge with humans when none of the other fairfolk would. He's friendly and knows all there is to know about Ellinia.

: July 30
: Leo

: 5' 3"
: 121 lb
: Undisclosed
: Mayonnaise
: Ketchup
: Reading

Owner Title
: Homeowner

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Required Closeness Rank Item Quantity Ingredients Lead Time Closeness Gained
1 Red Potion 5 Red Herb x11
Potion Solvent x1
30 minute(s) 9
2 Health Tonic 1 Red Herb x7
Peppermint Root x2
30 minute(s) 16
3 Fairy Summoning Scroll 1 Suspicious Paper Bag x1
Peppermint Root x1
1 minute(s) 0
3 Orange Potion 10 Orange Herb x10
Potion Solvent x2
30 minute(s) 30
4 Mage Tonic 1 Orange Herb x4
Black Pine Mushroom x2
30 minute(s) 54
4 Warrior Tonic 1 Orange Herb x4
Cornelian Cherry x2
30 minute(s) 54
5 White Potion 10 White Herb x9
Potion Solvent x3
30 minute(s) 98
6 Special Warrior Tonic 1 Special Red Herb x4
Cornelian Cherry x3
30 minute(s) 178
7 Special Mage Tonic 1 Special Red Herb x4
Black Pine Mushroom x3
30 minute(s) 323
8 Special Red Potion 10 Special Red Herb x7
Potion Solvent x3
30 minute(s) 586
9 Special Health Tonic 1 Special Orange Herb x3
Peppermint Root x3
30 minute(s) 1063
9 Special Orange Potion 10 Special Orange Herb x6
Potion Solvent x3
30 minute(s) 1063
10 Special White Potion 10 Special White Herb x6
Potion Solvent x4
30 minute(s) 1928

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Description Quote
Selecting Item Hm, good idea.
Requesting Craft Okay! Just give me some time.
Cancelling Craft Cancel? Now? What a waste, but what choice do I have?
Receiving Item This is what you requested, right?
Receiving Jackpot I think I made too much...
Not Enough Materials I want to, but I can't without materials. Herbs can be purchased from Supply Merchants in major towns or by hunting monsters. Actually, certain herbs can only be found on monsters.
Expiration Sorry. Nope. I can't. My contract expired.