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Heavenly Wings

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Priest Skill
Heavenly Wings
Heavenly Wings.png
Level Requirements None
Skill Requirements None
Type Active
Additional Type(s) Holy
Weapon Requirements Off-hand Codex

Heavenly Wings is a skill learned by Priests.

Information by Level[edit | edit source]

Spread your wings of light and soar to the farthest ally up to 6 m in front of you. The wings then transform into a divine aura, increasing you and your target's movement speed by 20% for 5 sec and restoring health up to 90% of your magic attack. If no allies are in range, you'll fly 4.5 m forward. This skill can cancel other skills. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active. Consumes 60 stamina.

Skill Preview[edit | edit source]

This skill does not have a skill preview image.