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Halloween Carriage

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Overview[edit source]

Halloween Carriage
Icon star 1.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.png
Item bg normal.png
Item 50200617 Icon.png
Normal Pet
Type: Normal Species: Other
Pet Abilities
  • Auto-revive
  • Auto-potion
  • Auto-loot
  • Pet Inventory: 14
A traditional Halloween carriage filled with jack-o'-lanterns.
This pet cannot be summoned in mini-games, battlegrounds, and arenas.
Untradable, Unsellable
Bound to Owner
Cannot Level Up or Be Used for Fusion

How to Obtain

The Halloween Carriage is a pet available during the 2018 Halloween event. This pet can be bought for 100 Pumpkin Coins from the NPC Pumpkini, who is located up the stairs and to the right in the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel Map inside Queenstown.

Pet Abilities[edit source]

Name Description
Auto-revive.png Auto-revive Your pet helps you revive in a pinch (metal tombstones cannot be destroyed).
Auto-potion.png Use Item Select an item and the conditions for its use. Items set to lower % conditions will be used first. The selected items may be used from either your Consumables inventory or your Pet Bag.
Auto-loot.png Auto-loot Designate the item types you want to pick up automatically. These items will be placed in your inventory. Move items from the pet's bag to your own bag to use them immediately.

Trophies[edit source]

Name Rank Achievement Reward
Monster Catcher (Trophy) 1 Raise pet taming mastery to 1 -
Monster Catcher (Trophy) 2 Raise pet taming mastery to 2 -
Monster Catcher (Trophy) 3 Raise pet taming mastery to 3 "Monster Catcher" Title
Monster Tamer (Trophy) 1 Collect 1 pet(s) in the Album -
Monster Tamer (Trophy) 2 Collect 5 pet(s) in the Album -
Monster Tamer (Trophy) 3 Collect 10 pet(s) in the Album -
Monster Tamer (Trophy) 4 Collect 50 pet(s) in the Album -
Monster Tamer (Trophy) 5 Collect 100 pet(s) in the Album "Monster Tamer" Title

Images[edit source]