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Ground Mount Summoning Stone

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Ground Mount Summoning Stone.png

Description[edit | edit source]

A summoning stone that can call a random Ground Mount.
Ground Mount Summoning stone summons a random ground mount from the list provided below at random, The mounts are permanent and are untradable or vendorable, You can however, transfer the item to your alts.

Orange Equirria.png Orange Equirria
Soaring Chopper.png Soaring Chopper
Camo Strider.png Camo Strider
Princess Minivelo.png Princess Minivelo
Dark Beast Bike.png Dark Beast Bike
Nuevo Enpilar.png Nuevo Enpilar
Mint Intimo.png Mint Intimo
Green Excavator.png Green Excavator
Mart Kart.png Mart Kart
Trim Hoverboard.png Trim Hoverboard
Tropical Storm Tank.png Tropical Storm Tank
Red Racing Machine.png Red Racing Machine