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Grazna's Staff

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Level 50
Epic Two-handed Staff
Grazna's Staff
Gear Score: 1149
All Classes (Wizard)
Grazna's Staff.PNG

Item bg epic.png
Item 15200148 Icon.png
Description Tradable 1 time(s)
Can be enchanted
Stats Weapon Attack: 2325~2445
  • Item's Based Weapon Attack Increased by 380
  • Critical Rate +18
  • Physical Attack +9
  • Has a 14% chance to increase physical and magic attack by 22% for 30 seconds on hit.
Additional Stats No bonus attributes
Obtained From Blaknov No. 2, Tronix Bunker, Forgotten Vayar, Blueshade Cave, Lingering Darkness, Sanctum of the Sage, Black Market
Gender Restriction None
Is dyeable? No
Is reducible? Yes
Sells in stores for: 9,256 Mesos