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Golden Jewel Key

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Golden Jewel Key
Icon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.png
Item bg epic.png
Item 20301207 Icon.png
Epic consumable
A fancy key embedded with a shiny jewel. You can use it to open 1 $item:20301364$.
Double-click the item in your inventory window to use it. Requires 1 $item:20301364$ to open. You can purchase $itemPlural:20301364$ from Codea.

Contains the following items:
- $item:30001039$
- $item:30001040$
- $item:20301583$
- $item:37000038$
- $item:20301219$
- $item:20300862$
- $item:20301218$
- $item:20301217$
- $item:20300885$
- $item:33000160$

- $item:33000161$
- $item:20301216$
- Gem Dust, Experience Tonics, and More!

The items you can get from this may change in the future, so be sure to open it as soon as possible.

Some of the items are character bound. Please carefully select the character that will be using them.
Untradable, Unsellable


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