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Gem Dust

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There are 7 types of Gem Dust that are used to upgrade Gemstones.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Gem Dust is a type of upgrade material that's used to increase the stats that Gemstones provide. Each colour of Gem Dust has a corresponding Gemstone of the same colour. The Gemstone that is the same colour requires mainly that type of Gem Dust to be upgraded.

Name Icon Corresponding Gemstone
Blue Gem Dust Blue Gem Dust.png Wisdom Gemstones
Cyan Gem Dust Cyan Gem Dust.png Accuracy Gemstones
Green Gem Dust Green Gem Dust.png Dexterity Gemstones
Purple Gem Dust Purple Gem Dust.png Luck Gemstones
Red Gem Dust Red Gem Dust.png Power Gemstones
White Gem Dust White Gem Dust.png Life Gemstones
Yellow Gem Dust Yellow Gem Dust.png Offense Gemstones