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Gear Score

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Gear Score is a numerical value for the strength of equipment. The Character window (default key: P) shows a player's total Gear Score, which is the sum of all gear score values from the equipment the player has currently equipped. Certain dungeons have minimum total Gear Score requirements to enter.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Each piece of equipment has a base Gear Score score value which is displayed in an equipment's tooltip below its icon. Higher rarity items typically have higher Gear Score values.
  • Enchanting an equipment provides bonus Gear Score, which shows in parentheses next to the base score value. Higher enchantments grants greater bonuses.
  • Off-hand items, such as Shields and Codices have Gear Score values, but will not contribute to total Gear Score.
  • If two weapons are equipped, only the weapon with the higher Gear Score value will count towards the total Gear Score.

Images[edit | edit source]