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Flowing Water Scroll

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Flowing Water Scroll
Icon star 1.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.png
Item bg normal.png
Item 20000225 Icon.png
20 Sec Cooldown
Spurts Water
Normal consumable
Yoyo made this scroll as a joke. It's quite a sight when it starts spraying water like a fountain.
Sells for: 1 Meso(s)


Related Trophies

Name Rank Achievement Reward
WHARRGARBL (Trophy) 1 Use Flowing Water Scroll 1 time(s) -
WHARRGARBL (Trophy) 2 Use Flowing Water Scroll 50 time(s) -
WHARRGARBL (Trophy) 3 Use Flowing Water Scroll 100 time(s) -
WHARRGARBL (Trophy) 4 Use Flowing Water Scroll 500 time(s) -
WHARRGARBL (Trophy) 5 Use Flowing Water Scroll 1,000 time(s) -