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Event Quests

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Event quests are identified by a purple exclamation mark. Event quests only last for a limited amount of time depending on what dates Nexon has decided for the event. Events are generally no shorter than 2 weeks. Types of quests included in event quests include: Event dungeons, World wide collection quests, event specific maps, monster hunting, and gathering event specific collectibles. (Halloween Stickers, Lollipops) For the most part Event quests can only be completed once per daily reset.

Example of a event quest giver.
Event Guide Ruby is located in Queenstown and is an Event Quest giver.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Event quest rewards will vary depending on current events. The rewards can include: Consumables, Event specific outfits, Mounts, Pets, Housing decorations, and more! Event quests can only be completed once per daily cycle, but rewards may change based on the number of days you have done an Event quest.

Quest Givers[edit | edit source]

Currently all the Event quest givers are located in Queenstown, located next to Tria. They are identified on the map with a bright purple exclamation mark. Some quest givers, such as the Halloween quest giver, are located within a special map.

Event Guide Ruby: Located in Queenstown at the upper-left hand corner, Ruby gives a daily event quest based on what current events are active.

Other Info[edit | edit source]

Event Quest givers locations can vary, for the Thanksgiving event there is no NPC but a exclamation mark above your character portrait.