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Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Maccan
Starts at Barbosa Beach
Start Area Ellinia
Ends with Maccan
Ends at Barbosa Beach
End Area Ellinia
Quest Chain Into the Desert

Walkthrough & Notes[edit | edit source]

Maccan invented the Lumiwind, a ship that can fly through the air. Unfortunately, it broke down after its maiden voyage. Get the full story from Maccan.

Bestowal Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Doc Maccan: I don't care if you're the empress herself. I sailed the Lumiwind before she was ready thanks to you people, and now she's broken! I'm sunk without my repair guy...
>What's a Lumiwind?
Doc Maccan: She's my ship, you lunk! A perfect marriage of sleek design and rugged individuality! A dream made reality! Emma thought I was a dope for wanting to soar the skies. I still remember that night, when we...
Doc Maccan: Oh! Right. The Lumiwind is a big flying ship. Unlike boats that are stuck sailing the ocean, we can go anywhere in the world on this beauty.
>Great. Then take me to Ludari City.
Doc Maccan: Aren't you listening? She broke down after I took your soldiers to Karkar Island. If only Navue was here...
>And who is Navue?
Doc Maccan: Argh! Just hearing his name makes me want to scream!

Quest Completion Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Doc Maccan: Sigh... I'm fed up with him, but he's still my friend...

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 7,000 Mesos 665,878 Experience 

Objective[edit | edit source]