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A list of Earrings that can be found in game.

Level 1-10[edit | edit source]

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Level 11-20[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Sapphire Earrings 13 Exceptional
Little Star Earrings 18 Exceptional

Level 21-30[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Slime Earrings 28 Exceptional
Arwen's Crystal Earrings 28 Exceptional
Feathered Ear Cuffs 30 Exceptional
Blue Moon Earrings 30 Exceptional

Level 31-40[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Skull Earrings 33 Exceptional
Rose Earrings 35 Exceptional
Dark Shadow Earrings 37 Exceptional
Time Earrings 40 Exceptional
Silver Hoop Earrings 40 Exceptional

Level 41-49[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Lightweight Sapphire Earrings 43 Exceptional
Lightweight Little Star Earrings 48 Exceptional

Level 50[edit | edit source]

Name Rating
Savagery Earrings Exceptional
Fading Savagery Earrings Exceptional
Fading Covetous Earrings Exceptional
Covetous Earrings Exceptional
MK 52 Omega Earrings Epic
Absolute Earrings Epic
Nutaman's Earrings Epic
Balrog's Earrings Epic

General List[edit | edit source]

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