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Design Shop

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The Design Shop is a section of the Meret Market that allows players to sell their custom outfits and designs to other players.

Through the "My Shop" tab of the Meret Market, players can list their items, which can be outfits, weapons, mounts, or furnishings. It costs 190 merets to list the first item and increases until a cap of 490 merets. Designs stay on sale for 3 months. Items cannot be sold for less than it costs to create them, and cannot be sold for more than 3,000 merets. Details of sales can be tracked via the Payment Details button, which looks like a page icon at the right of the "My Shop" window.

Sales undergo a pending period of 10 days, and earnings will be rewarded at the exact time of each individual purchase. As a result, the notice in the "My Shop" window does not count down.

There is a 25% tax on sold items, and a monthly cap of 100,000 merets earned. Selling 200,000 or more merets worth of items in a month awards the seller with a blue background on their listed items for the rest of the month, as well as a notification appearing in the "My Shop" window.

Players can report items for violating the terms of service, such as profanity and copyright, including stolen designs.