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What are Daily Quests?[edit | edit source]

Daily quests are identified by a green exclamation mark. Daily quests can only be completed once per daily reset. (00:00 in-game time). So far in GMS there is only 2 daily quests givers: 1 for guild quests and 1 for world boss quests.

Daily Quest Giver.png

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Daily quest rewards can vary depending on the quest giver. All daily quests will give mesos and experience. Depending which daily quests you are completing you can receive: Rue, Red & Blue Stars, Experience, Guild Coins, Guild Exp, Guild Contribution, or Guild Funds.

It is important to note that the mesos rewarded from guild daily quests are deposited into your guild's bank instead of your personal wallet.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Allicari Merchant Society[edit | edit source]

Located in Queenstown, Aliyar gives daily quests to eliminate world bosses. Aliyar gives 2 quests per day. The world bosses included in the quests are random each day. For completing these quests you are rewarded with Rue, Mesos, Red Stars, Blue Stars, and Experience.

Guild[edit | edit source]

Located in your Guild House, Chairwoman Shuenji gives daily guild quests with a variety of tasks. The quests can include fishing, performing, killing, and more with your guild mates. For completing these quests you are rewarded with Experience, Mesos, and contribution for your guild. The mesos she rewards however go into the guild vault instead of your personal wallet.

Note: Chairwoman Shuenji also gives weekly guild quests, but is identified by the same green exclamation marker.

Sky Fortress Factions[edit | edit source]

Doing the quests increases your reputation with that faction, with the levels of reputation as follows:

  1. Known
  2. Trusted
  3. Respected
  4. Beloved
  5. Revered

You can check your reputation through the Reputation menu, found in the same tab as your Character menu.

Green Hoods[edit | edit source]

Lumiknights[edit | edit source]

Dark Wind[edit | edit source]

Missons unlocked when you get your Green Hoods and Lumiknights reputation to Trusted.

Royal Guard[edit | edit source]

Missons unlocked when you get your Dark Wind reputation to Trusted.

Maple Alliance[edit | edit source]

Missons unlocked when you get your Royal Guard reputation to Trusted.