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A list of Codices that can be found in game. Mainly used by the Priest.

Level 1-10[edit | edit source]

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Level 11-20[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Wise Book 14 Exceptional
Insightful Codex 14 Exceptional
Empowerment Scroll 16 Exceptional
Starlight's Authority 18 Exceptional
Glimmering Codex 18 Exceptional

Level 21-30[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Silver Cross Scroll 22 Exceptional
Trinitas 22 Exceptional
Scholar's Book 26 Exceptional
Special Priest Textbook 26 Exceptional
Holy Heresy 28 Exceptional
Special Sanctuary Textbook 28 Exceptional
Special Insightful Codex 30 Exceptional
Holy Scroll 30 Exceptional
Heavy Codex 30 Exceptional
Saint Spiritus 30 Exceptional

Level 31-40[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
High Ranking Codex 34 Exceptional
Special Starlight's Authority 34 Exceptional
Grand Codex 35 Exceptional
Lightweight Priest Textbook 36 Exceptional
Special Golden Cross Heresy 36 Exceptional
Beastly Codex 37 Exceptional
Lightweight Sanctuary Textbook 38 Exceptional
Special Trinitas 38 Exceptional
Wild Codex 40 Exceptional
Yellow Orbit Codex 40 Exceptional

Level 41-49[edit | edit source]

Name Level Rating
Special Commandment 44 Exceptional
Lightweight Starlight's Authority 44 Exceptional
Special Lightweight Cross Scroll 46 Exceptional
Lightweight Golden Cross Heresy 46 Exceptional

Level 50[edit | edit source]

Name Rating
Holy Extreme Codex Legendary
Thunderous Rage Codex Legendary
Holy Panic Codex Legendary
Golden Wizened Codex Exceptional
Unity Scroll Exceptional
Secret Wizened Codex Exceptional
Blessed Scroll Exceptional
Red Orbit Codex Exceptional
Command Book Exceptional
Shoo and Booboo's Book Epic
Ureus's Charm Epic
Murpagoth Warrior Codex Epic
Murpagoth Warrior Codex Epic
Ancient Rune Codex Epic
Ancient Rune Codex Epic
MSL Onyx Codex Epic
MSL Onyx Codex Epic

General List[edit | edit source]

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