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Class template

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Copy, paste, and modify the following format to make new class pages.

  • Commented text (Any text inside <!-- text here --> is included as helpful guidelines/tips on how to fill out certain sections. Remove these tips before saving the page.
<!-- Most of this information can be pulled from the KMS2 Official Website. -->
{{Class infobox
|baseClass= <!-- On the KoreanMS2 official site, they separate classes into "series". Eg. Knight falls into the "Warrior" series. Put this series as the Base Class. -->
{{Quote|<!-- Flavor text about the class -->}}

<!-- This section should have the in-game description of the class during character creation. -->

<div style="color: red;"><!-- The text here will be the weapons this class uses, which is also mentioned during the class selection during character creation. --></div>

<!-- This section should be about the character's in-game role. This may be subjective. -->

<!-- Just fill in the class in the following template and it will automatically pull the skills for this class. eg. {{Class skills|class=Archer}} -->
{{Class skills|class=}}


{{Classes Navbox}}