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Christmas Mystery Box

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Christmas Mystery Box
Icon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 4.pngIcon star 0.pngIcon star 0.png
Item bg epic.png
Item 20301213 Icon.png
Epic consumable
A mysterious box filled with mysterious things.
Requires 1 $item:20301206$ or $item:20301207$ to open. You can purchase $itemPlural:20301206$ and $itemPlural:20301207$ from the Premium Shop.

Possible Contents Using $item:20301206$:
- Glowing Star Outfit
- Snow Crystal Weapon Skin
- Buddy Badge Chest
- Gem Dust
- Air Mount
- Various Lumistones
- Damage Skin/Chat Bubble/Name Tag/Fishing Badge/Tombstone/Swim Tube
- Outfit
- $item:40100027$
- Shiny Gem Dust, Super Chat Themes, and More!

Possible Contents Using $item:20301207$:
- $item:30001039$
- $item:30001040$
- $item:31000883$
- $item:31000739$
- Various Fantastic Gemstones
- Various Gemstones
- $item:33000160$

- $item:33000161$

Be sure to open as soon as possible, as the item list may change.
Sells for: 0 Meso(s)


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