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Hard Adventure Dungeons[edit | edit source]

These dungeons are significantly harder than Normal Adventure Dungeons and are quite challenging to clear alone, as the bosses have much higher HP and each player is only allowed 6 safe revivals (not including instant revivals). Most players run these dungeons in parties of four, usually including a Knight and/or Priest. These dungeons reward Epic Gear which are untradable, and rarely, dungeon-specific Epic Gear which are tradable one time (such as Pyrros Fard's Gloves).

Dungeon Name Minimum Level Min. Gear Score Req. Party Size Limitations
The Fire Dragon 50 1,800 1-4
Labyrinthine Halls 50 1,800 1-4
Lubelisk 50 2,100 1-4
Temple of Immortals 50 2,100 1-4
BeyondLink Tris 50 2,800 1-4
Rune Temple 50 2,800 1-4

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