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Item 20000086 Icon.png
7 Sec Duration
Restores 560 Health
Normal consumable
Ripe blueberries. It can be hard to harvest these, as animals tend to eat them before they get ripe. Consume to recover 80 health per second over 7 sec. Can be used for cooking or brewing, and is available from merchants.
Used to craft assistant items.
Sells for: 1 Meso(s)


  • Can be purchased from Craft Shop

Related Trophies

Name Rank Achievement Reward
Tart Blueberry (Trophy) 1 Taste 1 Blueberries -
Tart Blueberry (Trophy) 2 Taste 50 Blueberries -
Tart Blueberry (Trophy) 3 Taste 100 Blueberries -
Tart Blueberry (Trophy) 4 Taste 500 Blueberries -
Tart Blueberry (Trophy) 5 Taste 1,000 Blueberries -