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A list of Belts that can be found in game. These accessories increase your defense and physical resistance.

Name Level Rating
(Navigator) Old Waistband Exceptional
Shabby Leather Belt 12 Exceptional
Fishing Line Belt 14 Rare
Tough Defense Belt 17 Exceptional
Hero Belt 27 Exceptional
Sanctum Belt 30 Exceptional
Warrior Waistband 30 Exceptional
Fantastic Leather Wasitband 32 Exceptional
Fantastic Leather Waistband 32 Exceptional
Regen Belt 35 Exceptional
Dark Shadow Belt 37 Exceptional
Authority Belt 40 Exceptional
Lightweight Leather Belt 42 Exceptional
Lightweight Defense Belt 47 Exceptional
Mars's Belt 50 Exceptional
Absolute Belt 50 Epic
Shoo and Booboo's Belt 50 Epic
Old Fairy's Belt 50 Epic
Old Fairy King's Belt 50 Epic
Fading Covetous Belt 50 Exceptional
Savagery Belt 50 Exceptional