Barbecue Spit

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Barbecue Spit
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Item 20000214 Icon.png
20 Sec Cooldown
Summons Barbecue
Normal consumable
Rina used this to roast whole pigs. You must turn the handle manually to cook a perfect roast.
Sells for: 1 Meso(s)


Related Trophies

Name Rank Achievement Reward
Merry-Go-Roast (Trophy) 1 Use Barbecue Spit 1 time(s) -
Merry-Go-Roast (Trophy) 2 Use Barbecue Spit 50 time(s) -
Merry-Go-Roast (Trophy) 3 Use Barbecue Spit 100 time(s) -
Merry-Go-Roast (Trophy) 4 Use Barbecue Spit 500 time(s) -
Merry-Go-Roast (Trophy) 5 Use Barbecue Spit 1,000 time(s) -