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Banquet Hall

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Victoria Island
Banquet Hall
No World Map Icon.PNG
Island Victoria Island
Region Tria
Area Level 34
Has Taxi? No
Has Item Extractor? No
Has Healing Spot? No
Has Real Estate? No
Dungeons Palace Undercroft

Description[edit source]

One of the maps for the dungeon Palace Undercroft

Mini Map[edit source]

Banquet Hall Mini Map.png

Connected Locations[edit source]

Exploration[edit source]

Exploration Goals[edit source]

  • There are no exploration goals in Banquet Hall

Golden Chests[edit source]

  • There are no Golden Chests in Banquet Hall.

Normal Chests[edit source]

  • There are no Normal Chests in Banquet Hall.

NPCs[edit source]

Icon Name Level
Icon Name Level
NPC 11000861 Icon.png Bella (NPC) 30
NPC 11000862 Icon.png Karl (NPC) 20
NPC 11001571 Icon.png Ishura (NPC) 30
NPC 11001574 Icon.png Einos (NPC) 30
NPC 11001577 Icon.png Luanna (NPC) 20
NPC 11001578 Icon.png Trini (NPC) 20
NPC 11001579 Icon.png Landevian (NPC) 30
NPC 11001580 Icon.png Asimov (NPC) 30
NPC 11001581 Icon.png Rolling Thunder (NPC) 20
NPC 11001582 Icon.png Allon (NPC) 30
NPC 11001583 Icon.png Jenna (NPC) 20
NPC 11001584 Icon.png Ruki (NPC) 30
NPC 11001585 Icon.png Oska (NPC) 20
NPC 11001586 Icon.png Char (NPC) 20
NPC 11004294 Icon.png Marianne (NPC) 10

Enemies[edit source]

Icon Name Level Type Race HP
Monster 22000015 Icon.png Devilina 34 Dungeon Common devil 148965
Monster 22990072 Icon.png Bella 34 Dungeon Common unknown 647669781
Monster 27000044 Icon.png Banquet Hall Specter 10 Common spirit 1962
File:Monster 27000045 Icon.png Halloween Jiangshi 10 Common undead 1962
File:Monster 27000046 Icon.png Vengeful Halloween Jiangshi 10 Elite undead 7030
Monster 27100002 Icon.png Unfriendly Ghoul 10 Common devil 1962

Thrown Items[edit source]

Thrown items are interactable environment objects which can be picked up and used to attack with. These items are often used in Daily Missions, Exploration Goals and Trophies.
  • This map does not have any thrown items.

Life Skills[edit source]

Fishing[edit source]

  • This location does not have fishing.

Mining[edit source]

  • This location has no mining veins.

Foraging[edit source]

  • This location has no foraging herbs.

Pet Taming[edit source]

  • This area has no pet spawns.

Quests[edit source]

Trophies[edit source]

Name Rank Achievement Reward
Belle of the Ball (Trophy) 1 Stun Bella in Banquet Hall -

Gallery[edit source]