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Ancient Rune Thrown Weapon

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Level 50
Epic One-handed Thrown Weapon
Ancient Rune Thrown Weapon
Gear Score: 1149
All Classes (Assassin)
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Item bg epic.png
Item 13400171 Icon.png
Description Untradeable
Binds on Equip
Character Bound
Can be Enchanted
Stats Weapon Attack: 1647~1916
  • Item's Base Weapon Attack Increased by (210(?)~350(?)
  • Critical Rate +9
  • Physical Attack +4

[Pirate Hunter]: Chance to increase attack speed by 8% for 16 sec on hit. Activated when an Ancient Rune Thrown Weapon is equipped in both hands. Effects quadrupled at Chaotic Shadow Altar, Chaotic Moonlight Fortress, and Chaotic Ludibrium Clock Tower. Not active in battlegrounds.

Additional Stats 2 Random Attributes
Obtained From Lubelisk, Temple of Immortals, Combining Ancient Rune Weapon Box Fragment
Gender Restriction None
Is dyeable? No
Is reducible? Yes, Ancient Rune Weapon Box Fragment (10)
Sells in stores for: 9,256 Mesos