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10-Fantastic-Armor-Attribute-Change Bundle

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10-Fantastic-Armor-Attribute-Change Bundle
Icon star 5.pngIcon star 5.pngIcon star 5.pngIcon star 5.pngIcon star 5.pngIcon star 0.png
Item bg legendary.png
Item 20300265 Icon.png
Fantastic Attribute Change (Armor)
Legendary consumable
A box containing vouchers to change the attributes of an item.
Double-click the item in your inventory window to get what's inside.

This attribute change voucher can be only used on level 50 epic and legendary hats, suits, tops, bottoms, gloves, and shoes. The value of its bonus attributes will change upon use.

Cannot use on items that do not have bonus attributes or display an attribute change count.
Even after using the voucher, you may wind up with the same attribute types and values.

Cannot use voucher on the following items:
- Armor that has two strength/intelligence/dexterity/luck as bonus attributes (except gloves)
- Glvoes that have strength/intelligence/dexterity/luck as bonus attributes.
Untradable, Unsellable


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